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Eco Challange journey

Route: Ulaanbaatar-Water fall –Orkhon river –back Ulaanbaatar

This tour has  most diverse active journeys, which will be thrilling   experience of  Mongolian   nomadic lifestyle and wild  nature and also  includes historical sites of Mongolia. The view of  Orkhon valley covered by with Siberian lurch, and carpeted with edelweiss  as well  other wild flowers .Ultimately , the  trip unique opportunity to live Mongolian way  as  yak riding with  escort yak cart train as they have since the days of Chingis Khan  , horse-back riding along the meadow valley and finale a exhilaration of our trip with  floating on boat.


Day-1: On arrival you will be met at the airport and transferred to the hotel. There will be tours to Gandan Monastery, the Bogd Khan Winter Palace (home to the last religious king of Mongolia), and the Fine Arts Museum. Lunch will be at the hotel and dinner at a restaurant with traditional Mongolian food and entertainment. (B,L,D)

Day-2:Ulaanbaatar –Little Gobi Desert.
We will commence with a journey by jeep to the Little Gobi Desert. On the way, we will see Khustai Nuruu National Park where wild horses are reintroduced to their ancestors native land as well as a monument ensemble erected by the Tureg (Turkish) tribes for their noble  men during the 6-8th century AD.  We will also visit the  Neolithic rock drawings in the Ikh Alag mountain on the way. If we are lucky, wild mountain sheep, called ‘Argali’, may cross our path. This area is inhabited by herds of thousands of white-tailed gazelles all year round and there is also a hidden area where wild sheep, called ‘Ovis’, and elks live. Our group will stay overnight in a tourist camp and enjoy the sand dunes.  (B,L,D)

Day-3:Little Gobi Desert—Water fall
We will have a journey from Little Gobi Desert to the ‘Ulaan Tsutgalan’ waterfall.
The waterfall cascades from a height of 20 meters. At the end of the day we will camp near the waterfall which represents a valley filled with volcanic lava . There will be an overnight stay  in a ger beside of  the waterfall.(B,L,D)

Day-4:Water fall – Khuren Tolgoi  Hill.
On this day, our vehicle will be swapped  for yak riding instead of the 4 x 4 drive jeeps. We will take a trip from the  waterfall to the Khuren Tolgoi hill. On this day a yak cart trip will provide you with a unique experience and give you a feeling of real nomadic life. The valley is entirely  filled with volcanic lava. Orkhon river is surrounded by rolling grasslands and fir forest mountains with meadows. We will stay overnight in a tent on the bank of Orkhon river and we will fish for trout. (B,L,D)

Day-5: Khuren Tolgoi Hill –Tuvkhen Monastery
On this day, you will experience horse riding instead of yaks. There will be a horseback trek from Khuren Tolgoi hill ¬to Tuvkhen monastery. Tuvkhen monastery is located on a densely forested and picturesque mountain – Tuvkhen mountain - at an elevation of 2000 meters above sea level. The temple is very similar to some extent to ‘Machu Picchu’, the holy ghost city located in the Andes mountain chain in Peru. Researchers have found out that the temple was a meditation studio created under Bogd Gegeen Zanabazar, the first resplendent Saint of Mongolia. We will stay overnight in a tent in the area close to the temple.(B,L,D)

Day-6: Tuvkhen Monastery –Orkhon Riber.
Today, our journey will continue by jeep from Tuvkhen monastery to the Orkhon river where we will transfer to a boat. On the way ,we will visit the world heritage ruins of the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire in the 13th century and  Erdenezuu monastery of the 16th century, an ancient center of Buddhism in Mongolia. Our second stop will be at the two important monoliths, which are located beside one another by the Orkhon river. The first funerary monument is dedicated to Turkish Khaan Kultegin (685-731) and the other one to his brother Bilge Khaan. The most interesting fact is that the ancestors of today’s Turkish people used to live in the territory of Mongolia. We will stay overnight in a tent on the bank of Orkhon river. This is a really nice spot for trout fishing.(B,L,D)

Day-7: Orkhon River -  Last camp along  the Orkhon river.
We will experience a day of rowing in inflatable row boats along the Orkhon river to our next campsite. We can catch fish whilst on the river. We will stay overnight in a tent on the river bank.(B,L,D,)

Day8: Last camp along  the Orkhon river  --Back To Ulaanbaatar
Today we will return to Ulaanbaatar. We  won’t  miss a thing.  Khar Bukhiin Balgas of Khidan dynasty existed in early 917-1120.  After lodging in the hotel, it is a time to stock up on souvenirs or do some last minute packing before saying our farewells at a restaurant.(B,L,D)

Day9: Time to leave Mongolia with unforgettable memories of the wild journey through Mongolia in your hearts.(B,L,D)


Tour information

Start/end: Start from the capital of Mongolia and back .
Code: ORT-112
Distance: 1180km
Duration: 8nights/9 days journey
Date: From June-till September. We can regulate defending on you time frame .
Tour style: Real active adventure tour ever been before in Mongolia.
Transports: Russian military jeep.
Accommodations: ***** star hotel in Ulaanbaatar. Stay in Ger tourist camps during the overland trip, good quality tents specially against strong wind.
Equipments: if need for you we can arrange satellite phone just for incase.
Tents, cooking equipments, mattress ,sleeping bag, inflatable boat, yak cart , saddles…etc.
Groupe size: from 2 up to 12 tourist

Cost: We will reply you by E-mail in brief


  • Russian military jeep including driver and gas
  • 2-night in hotel ,2- nights in tourist camp,4-nights in tent
  • Guiding and interpreting service
  • All camping equipments as gas stove, cooking stuff.. and all essential stuff for riding as well as floating on boat .
  • Radios between vehicles and a satellite phone just for in case.
  • All food and meals and water.
  • National park and cultural sight fees
  • Disinfected sleeping bags and inflatable mattress and tents .
  • Invitation for tourist


  • International air fares
  • Passport and visa costs
  • Medical and trip insurance
  • Airport taxes, excess baggage charges, evacuation costs
  • Laundry
  • Telephone calls
  • Alcohol


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