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13 Nights/14 Days - Endure Adventure Tour
Starts and ends in Ulaan Baatar, MONGOLIA
Tour code : ORT-115

Mongolia offers a huge variety , from city to vast grasslands where few roads exist with no road sign which covering the Mongolian Great Gobi Deserts to the Altay Mountain ranges rising from the mirage. Feel the freedom an exhilaration of riding on gravel earth roads, winding open steppe roads along the sand dunes and natural habitat of camels of the Gobi Desert.

Offroad Expedition is proud to offer you all the off road experiences around Mongolia  riding that you come to Mongolia for –bull dust , sand dunes, rack bars, jumps and even some true endure riding.
We can take you on a great adventure through the wilds of the Mongolian landscape, from the winding steppe roads  to the demanding dirt tracks of the  southern Gobi Desert.
Along this stretch of the journey it is necessary  to transport large amount petrol, water and provisions in the support 4X4 or 6x6 truck ,as there is practically no opportunity to stock up supplies as food and petrol.


Day-1. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar, transfer to the hotel, take guided city tour down town, visit Natural History Museum, Gandan Monastery and stay overnight in the hotel.  (L, D)

Day-2. Our first day, ride on your own motorcycle. After 80km paved road, dirt road starts and we head southwest through the rolling mountains with nice wide valleys. On our road we will encounter the wild horse nature reserve, ancient tombs from the Bronze Age, a natural habitat to thousands of antelopes and finally a fascinating rock formation where we set up our tents. (B,L,D)

Day-3. We set off to the south riding on a gravel- dirt road, which offers us the “Tsogt taij” stone inscription of the last-known descendant of the Chingis Khan dynasty. Overnight we stay on the riverbank of the Ongin River where the ruins of Ongi monastery was once used by 500 monks.(B,L,D)

Day-4. Today we will ride on the natural highway road of the “Ongiin Tal” plateau, which stretches around 60km and is a good chance to make speed. We have lunch right at the ridge of Roy Chapman canyon, which in 1922 was one of the most famous scientific expeditions in history - the site of  dinosaurs  graveyard and then stay overnight a foot away from the Yoliin Am National park. (B,L,D)

Day-5. This day is made up entirety of fantastic scenery as we start riding through the Yoliin Am National Park, one of the most beautiful places in the Gobi Desert with gorges filled with ice and unique flora and wild animals such as wild sheep, and Ibex. We will cross a really narrow gorge with a small stream river when leaving the National Park and stay overnight in the tourist ‘’Ger” camp beside the sand dunes of the “Khongorin Els”, which stretches for 100km.  (B,L,D)

Day-6.  Today, biking for the serious off road fan. Sharpen your skills along the Mongolian sand dunes when we cross the “Khongorin  Els”. At the oasis of “Naran Daats” artesian water pours straight from the hill. At this site, most of the tourists usually wash and clean off desert dust and everyone is happy to have a stop over here for the night.

Day-7. Mongolian’s largest canyon,  Khermen Tsav has emerged due to millions of years of erosion of the red cliffs. The Khermen Tsav canyon creates such an impression, as if the dinosaurs still roam somewhere around. A small river oasis called “Zulganai” is the last oasis in Mongolia, untouched by human beings. This day is the best opportunity to ride off -road upon the fascinating isolated unique landscape.

Day-8.  We will ride further to the north from the “Hundred Tree” oasis towards the large saltwater lake, popular with birdlife, especially the Relic Gull, Whooper Swan and geese and is situated on the northern side of the Altay Mountain range. The lake provides us with the chance to take a refreshing swim after our long days ride on the Gobi Desert’s gravel dirt road. This lake usually offers us a magnificent view of sunset, a cause to take photos.

Day-9. “ Shaliin Khooloi” is an incredible plateau of the western lakes of Mongolia with Deer stones of Bronze age and the Shargaljuut hot spring, that can reach up to +50C degree.

Day-10. We will pass through the mountain pass with beautiful flowers and plants and a river, where it’s possible to catch trout with your bare hands. Tourists may stop many times on their way to take photos of nature, Yaks, as well as the Nomads’ life. A large area covered by volcanic lava and waterfall of the Orkhon valley. The Deer stones of Bronze is day we cross several rivers along the valley.

Day-11. The world heritage ruins of the ancient 13th century capital of the Mongolian Empire and the Erdenezuu Monastery of the 16th century, an ancient center of Buddhism in Mongolia. Overnight we stay in the little Gobi Desert exist from the Ulaanbaatar 280km.

Day-12. Drive back to Ulaanbaatar, shopping and transfer to the hotel. We need to be in Ulaanbaatar for around 4pm. In the city there is a shopping program, free time and a farewell party in the evening, at which the journey will be discussed over and toasts for future successes are raised.

Day-13. Departure from your hotel to the airport.


Tour information

Why the route: This is real exhilaration of off- road endure riding on the Mongolian vast open steppes and dunes, as well as mountain passes. This is NOT a race, it is a discovery trip.
Road condition
Off-road on hard packed dirt gravel with erosion , trails, sand-dune crossing. Not too technical. The Mongolia can be exhilarating, but it is also treacherous if you lose your concentration and discipline.
- Some off-road riding experience required
- Ability to pace oneself and ride in a group
Start/end: Start from the capital of Mongolia and back .
Route: Ulaanbaatar-South Gobi Desert-BayanKhongor-KharaKhorum-Ulaanbaatar.
Code: ORT-115
Distance: 2560 km
Duration: Full 11 days active riding and 2 nighs hotel in Ulaanbaatar
Date: From June-till September.
Off-road on hard packed dirt gravel with erosion , trails, sand-dune crossing. Not too technical. The Mongolia can be exhilarating, but it is also treacherous if you lose your concentration and discipline.  This is NOT a race, it is a discovery trip.

  • Some off-road riding experience required
  • Ability to pace oneself and ride in a group 

Transports: Motocycle , 6x6 military truck Kamaz -4310 , Russian 4x4 Van.
Accommodations: hotels(3nts),Mongolian Ger tourist camps (5nts), in tent (4 nts)
Equipments:All vehicle well be supplied by radio ,satellite phone as well as will be
arranged with helicopter before our trip.
Groupe size: from 5px-up to 10px
Cost: 3000USD p/person


  • Motorcycles as Yamaha and KTM.
  • 6x6 drive military truck Kamaz-4310, for support to carry all fuel for motorcycles and
  • water.
  • 4x4 drive Van.
  • All fuel , oil
  • All camping equipments as tents, disinfected sleeping bags, gas stove, cooking stuff..
  • mini shower
  • radios between vehicles and a satellite phone for in case.
  • all food and meals and water.
  • fees to enter of National Parks.
  • Lodging hotels and tourist camps. In the five star hotel for 2 nights in city
  • A interpreter-guide.
  • Invitation for tourist


  • International air fares
  • Travel insurance
  • Alcohol
What to bring:
Own clothes for riding motorcycles

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