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About us

OffRoad Expeditions gave us an unforgettable view of Mongolia. We camped, we drove, we saw wildlife - and with our jeep were masters of our own itinerary. I had never thought a Russian jeep would prove such a versatile machine. They seem perfectly designed for Mongolia - able to go almost anywhere, easy to fix. They leave the Land Cruisers standing. But I suppose they are only as good as their drivers - and in Gamba, we had a magician of the roads. Immensely competent and reliable, an English speaker, knowledgeable in all sorts of fields, but above all a good and thoughtful travelling companion, he made our two-week journey a pleasure as well as an adventure. Thank you."
Writer Philip and Charlotte Marsden, England.

OffRoad Expeditions is a wholly owned Mongolian company, duly incorporated and registered in Mongolia
The core of business promotion and success relies on our highly competent and professional guides.
We do our best to arrange tours based on wishes and preferences of our future clients

Jerry & Janet George
3640 Dora Ave.
Anchorage, Alaska 99516

To potential Customers of Offroad Expeditions:

We are adventure travelers aged 67 and 61 years old. For many years we lived on our own 46’ sailboat and sailed from our home base in Seward, Alaska to the Aleutians and Bering Sea and to the end of every single fjord from Seattle to Alaska. Last year, we sold the boat so that we could engage in other forms of adventure travel.  Our first destination of choice was Mongolia.  As we planned our trip, the predominant question was how do we approach travel in such a vast country and step into a culture so different from our own.  We did not want the “tourist” trip arranged for large groups with stays in ger camps with showers every night and fancy meals catered by a chef.  We wanted to go off road, experience the real Mongolia and meet the Mongolian nomad. We chose to use a local independent guide for our trip—it was the wisest decision we made. 

We did our research on the internet and found a variety of providers.  We contacted each and asked for references.  We were fortunate when Offroad Expeditions suggested we talk to a local person here in Anchorage who had used his services in a prior year.  The recommendation was glowing.  We promptly contacted Ganbaatar and booked his services.  He understood what we wanted and arranged a self-sufficient three week circumnavigation of the Gobi that took us 4,200 km across the deserts, steppes and mountains of south and western Mongolia.  We were stopped by frozen rivers and a desert sandstorm.  We visited the Mother Mountain.  We saw the wild Bactrian camels, the takhi (Przewalski horse), and the saiga antelope. Ganbaatar took us to Bronze Age tombs, petroglyphs, deer stones, and dinosaur bones. The diversity and variety of the experiences were overwhelming.  Each day was a surprise.

We stopped frequently to visit nomads and experience their lifestyle. We shared a cup of salty tea, as well as their hard cheeses, sour milk drinks and yogurt.  We bought a sheep from a Nomad family and smoked the meat over a camel dung fire.  We tasted wild onion grass and other items harvested along the way. We spoke no Mongolian but felt like part of the family before we left – all thanks to Ganbaatar. We have talked to many others who have traveled to Mongolia and none had the depth and range of experiences that only a guide like Ganbaatar can provide.  We trusted Ganbaatar with our lives and we now have a friend for life.

We had no GPS or aerial photos or detailed maps as they really are of little use in the Gobi. Despite the availability of modern technology, the Gobi is a wide-open land of extreme climate (night time temperatures can be cold even with hot summer days) and the terrain can be punishing.  When you are a visitor in the Gobi, you must travel with someone you can trust with your life.  You need a guide who knows the Gobi and has friends all across the desert.  There can be unusual breakdowns in the middle of nowhere which add to other challenges.  Although we had 23 flat tires in three weeks it was not because of poor tires but of often brutal terrain and the saksual plant that is stronger than steel. Ganbaatar is expert in fixing tires and it simply added to the adventure.  Offroad provided tents, sleeping bags and all the camping gear we needed for the trip. The equipment was first rate and the tents even withstood a hurricane force windstorm so severe that we had to wedge the Land Cruiser between two boulders to keep it from blowing over.

The life of the Mongolian nomad is changing quickly and dramatically.  Today you will see the nomads moving camp with a dismantled ger and other possessions loaded aboard a home-made cart with wooden wheels.  Atop the load is a satellite dish and solar panel.  But you can still experience the countryside of the famous Mongol horseman.  We encourage you to travel now and see this last great frontier.  And, choose Ganbaatar and Offroad Expeditions to be your guide.  We know Offroad can provide you with a “travel” experience that will make your trip the memory of a lifetime!  Our recommendation—“if you go to the Gobi, go with Ganbaatar!”

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