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Eight Lake region trekking with yak cart for 14 days trip

Route: Yak-cart Trekking in the Khangai Mountain Range for 14 days, following the ancient Mongolian way.

Our Eight Lakes Region trekking package offers an attractive option for those looking to experience a unique combination of meadowed alpine landscapes along with a surviving nomadic culture whose inherent hopitality have all but disappeared in other parts of the world. Here you can experience the old while sampling the new.
Our offering of walking holiday tours includes: ancient Buddhist monasteries, azure blue skies, waterfalls, and dramatic, pristine scenery of the Eight Laskes National Park. There are mountain streams where you can catch trout, as well as hear howling wolves in the distant countryside. In addition, there is the historical Orkhon Valley, the ruins of the 13th century Mongolian empire capital, and craters belonging to extinct volcanoes amidst the Eight Lakes’ Naiman Nuur. Yak-carts will carry your luggage while we endure on foot, trekking in the footsteps of ancient Mongolians. A visit to Mongolia is a visit to a land of spectacular scenery unrivaled elsewhere, including, but not limited to, endless steppes, canyons, mountains, forests and lakes, as well as a remarkable history. Mongolia is unlike any other country. Travelling on foot will give ample opportunity to admire both the amazing nature and unique traditions of a land unchanged by time. It is a great time of year for a wilderness-adventure vacation in Mongolia.


Day-1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar
Transfer to a three-star hotel from your plane or train. City tour including monastaries and museums. Some time for shopping before an evening concert of Mongolian traditional folk music. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Day -2: Ulaanbaatar – Little Gobi Desert (280 km distance by jeep)
We will head west through the Przewalsky horse area where they have been reintroduced to their native territory. Overnight in a tent adjacent to sand dunes known as the Little Gobi Desert. We will stroll along the dunes, enjoying the atmosphere.

Little Gobi Desert – Khara-Khorum – Orkhon River Valley ( 195 km distance by jeep)
After driving, we will arrive at the ancient, 13th century Mongolian capital of Khara-Khorum. Here we will see the ruins and turtle rocks; the only things remaining. We will also visit the 16th century Erdenezuu monastery, an ancient center of Buddhism in Mongolia. We will pitch camp along the bank of the Orkhon River.


Orkhon River Valley – Tuvkhen Temple – upper Orkhon River Valley (20 km distance)
Today we start our long-range trekking with the aid of yak carts. These carts have wooden wheels which have been used for many millenia. As per tradition, we will also be travelling with dogs, giving our party extra eyes. This is a very enjoyable experience. One highlight of today is the Tuvkhen Monastery, located on the densely forested and picturesque Tuvkhen mountain at an elevation of 2000 meters above sea level. This temple bears many similarities to the Peruvian wonder Machu Picchu. Researchers have discerned that the temple functioned as a meditation studio under Bogd Gegeen Zanabazar, the first resplendant saint of Mongolia. Overnight in tents in the upper Orkhon Valley.

Day-5: Upper Orkhon River Valley – Waterfall (21 km distance)
Today we continue our trekking supported by yak carts. Our caravan will set off towards a waterfall which cascades down a basalt canyon to a depth of 20 meters. The Orkhon valley, in which we will walk, is surrounded by the foothills of the Khangai mountain range. Meadows and fir forests are prominant here. Additionally, the Orkhon river valley is lined with the remains of an ancient lava flow. After lodging in a traditional dwelling, a ger, we will admire the waterfall’s splendor as it cascades over a cliff. Overnight in tents near the waterfall.

 Day-6: Waterfall-Upper Bituut River (21 km distance)
In the morning we continue our trekking into the Eight Lakes region where fast streams teeming with fish and pearly blue lakes await. We will hike upstream and easily be able to see the ancient lava flow’s remains. Overnight in tents near the Eight Lakes.

Day-7: Upper Bituut River – Shireet Lake (14 km distance)
Using pack yaks we will continueup the Bituut River to our camping ground on the shore of the Eight Lakes, nestled within the northern slope of the Shireet Mountain pass. This is one of the trip’s most memorable places, a place to be remembered forever. This lake is a fanstastic fishing and birding (mainly Cormorant) location. Overnight in tent.

Day 8: Shireet Lake – Volcano Crater – Shireet Lake (13 km distance)
At the Eight Lakes’ main attractions we will spend more time in order to really soak up the atmosphere and environment. There is no hurry as these places are worth savoring. In the afternoon we will climb to an extinct volcano’s crater where we will enjoy one-of-a-kind views of pristine alpine tarns. And behind, the surrounding peaks are reflected in the crystal clear water of this wilderness lake. Our camp will be moved a short distance for us while we are climbing to the crater. Overnight in tents.

Day 9: Shireet Lake – Baruun River (16 km distance)
Today we again use pack yaks, and from today, we will no longer use the yak carts, as the terrain becomes just too difficult for the carts to manuvoer over. We will help pack the yaks. Also, do not forget to bring a small line and hook today for fishing. You can fish for the Grayling fish. Today we leave the Eight Lakes region by trekking west. We will trek uphill, eventually breaching the western ridge of the valley. This region is one of Mother Nature’s wonders. You will bear witness to awesome views of the lakes and vocanic craters. This is truly a sight the needs to be seen to be believed; it lies beyond the imagination. Overnight in a tent alongside a stream in the subsequent narrow valley.

Day 10: Baruun River – Confluence of Uliastai River (13 km distance)
We will continue trekking with our pack yaks . The Baruun River runs through a forested and rocky narrow valley, joining with the Tanch river from the left. Today we trek downhill, descending to the confluence of the two rivers, which is located along a canyon. This is a great spot for Grayling fishing, it being possible even to catch fish hiding under rocks with your bare hands. Overnight in tent.

Day 11: Confluence of Uliastai River – Tsagaan Azargiin Lakes (14 km distance)
Today we conclude our trekking with pack yaks. Today is our final day in the Eight Lakes region. We end our trekking at a small lake and meet our vehicle transport. Around the lake lies a pleasant area of open grassland where nomadic people routinely bring their livestock to graze. We will experience firsthand the locals’ hospitality and have the opportunity to taste Mongolia’s famous fermented mare’s milk, airag. We will experience the nomadic way of life. Overnight in tent.

Day 12: Tsagaan Azarga Lakes – KhugnoKhaan Nature Reserve (Travel by jeep)
We will bid farewell to our new, nomadic friends and head back towards Ulaanbaatar. We will visit the KhugnoKhaan Nature Reserve, an area with unique and striking gratine formations. Overnight in tent or tourist camp.

Day 13: KhugnoKhaan Nature Reserve – Ulaanbaatar (Travel by Jeep)
After departing the reserve, we return to Ulaanbaatar today around 3 pm. You will be transfered to your hotel. Then, there is time for shopping in the State Department Store and perusing Peace Avenue. You can buy souveniers, trinkets, cashmere, etc. Overnight in hotel.

Day 14:
Departure from Mongolia

This trip is best suited for those who enjoy moderate walking with some challenging options along the way.


Tour information

Start/end: Start from the capital of Mongolia and back .
Code: ORT123
Distance: 1180 km
Duration: 13nights/14 days journey
Date: From June-till September. We can regulate defending on you time frame .
Tour style: moderate hiking with some challenging supported by pack yak
Transports: Japanese 4WD jeeps or vans and Yak cart
Accommodations: 2night in hotel ,4 nights in tourist camp.
Equipments: If need for you we can arrange satellite phone just for incase.
Groupe size: from 4 up to 12 tourist

Cost for:

  • 4px - 1351$ per/person
  • 6-px - 1288$ p/p
  • 8px - 1206$  p/p


  • Pick up and drop back to the airport
    2 night stay in the hotel in Ulaanbaatar.
  • 2night tourist camp , a night stay in
  • Cooking and interpreting service
  • 4WD Japanese jeeps or vans with fuel and drivers .
  • Yak cart
  • All meals during the trip
  • All cost entering National Parks
  • City tour including Mongolian National Performance of pleasant melodies of horse headed fiddles and the traditional throat song.
  • All camping equipments : gas stove with gas, tents, mattress etc.
  • Yak cart with nomads ( with owner the yak cart )
  • Two way radios between vehicles as well as a satellite phone just for in case
  • Invitation for tourist


  • International air fares
  • Passport and visa costs
  • Medical and trip insurance
  • Airport taxes, excess baggage charges, evacuation costs
  • Laundry
  • Telephone calls
  • Alcohol


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