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Jeep tours

7-day Jeep tour with a flight to Mongolia’s Gobi Desert

Route: Ulaanbaatar-South Gobi Desert-BayanKhongor-KharaKhorum-Ulaanbaatar.

During this trip we will discover of the world’s most untouched and virginal countries.  Mongolia is a land of vast contrasts: rocky mountains, vast steppe, enormous lakes, great green forests, grassy plains, and scorching deserts abound.  The scenery is surprisingly diverse and the dramatic natural layout of this land has created some spectacular sights that can be found nowhere else in the world.  The Przewalski horse, thought to have become extinct several decades ago, now roams harmoniously on Mongolia’s wild steppe.  From the endless Gobi Desert to the northern Khangai mountains, we will cross rivers and traverse sand dunes and ice-covered gorges, discovering some of the most impressive sights in Mongolia.  We will also see ancient monasteries as well as other historical monuments, getting to know a rich culture which was once part of the most extensive empire the world has ever known.  Home of Genghis Khan, Mongolia is the least densely popuated country on earth, with less than 3 million people in 1,564,116 square km.  Many Mongolians still live a traditional lifestyle; living as nomads, they are constantly moving to find new and green pastures for their herds of horses and yaks.  During our 7 days we will explore, in-depth, this ancient culture, the rich landscapes, wildlife, and endless marvels which make Mongolia so unforgettable.


Day-1:Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and fly to the South Gobi Desert
Our flight will arrive at 5:30 AM and we will transfer and fly domestically to the South Gobi after breakfast. This may seem rushed and difficult, but we will save plenty of time this way. After a 90 minute flight, we will land in the heart of the South Gobi Desert. You will be met at the local airport by our staff and transfered to your tourist camp which is situated 35 km from the airport. Here you can have a hot shower and lunch. Time permitting, we will have an excursion to the Roy Chapman Canyon where dinosaur fossils and eggs were found in 1920. There is also time to rest and have dinner at the camp.

Day-2:Yolin Am National Park – Khongoriin Sand Dunes (180km distance)
In the morning we will visit Yolin Am National Park, which is considered on of the most beautiful places in the Gobi, with gorges filled with ice and unique, endemic flora and fauna including wild sheep and ibex. There is also a Natural history museum present at the park’s entrance with dinosaur bones, eggs, and taxidermy. On the southwest side of the park we will cross a very narrow gorge named Dungeree Am. This gorge is off the tourist path and only known to locals. Next comes the Khongoriin Els sand dune which stretches for over 100km and is one of the biggest dunes in Mongolia. We will stroll along the dunes and ride bactrian camels for a couple of hours. Overnight in the tourist camp.

Day-3: Khongoriin Sand Dune – Ongiin Khiid Monastery (280 km distance)
Today we head north along vast desert vegetation known as Saksual, inhabited by camels and black-tailed gazelles. We will go across the Arts Bogd mountain of the Altai Mountain Range. As we descend by car from the mountain, through a gorge, we will be greeted by the ancient remnants of Neolithic rock art which continues for over 3km. We will camp at the ruins of a monastery destroyed during the Stalinist purges. Overnight in a traditional-style ger camp.

Day-4:Ongiin Khiid Monastery – ancient Mongolian capital Khara-Khorum (290 km distance)
We will start with a brief sightseeing excursion around and among the monastery’s ruins. Then we will move on toward Khara-Khorum, the ancient 13th century capital of Mongolia. The Ongiin Khiid Monastery was once home to over 1000 Buddhist lamas and was built on a hillside, following the Tibetan model. Now a small temple, housing 10 monks who worship daily, has been constucted on the ruins. After a long drive we will arrive at the Orkhon river valley where Khara-Khoruma and the first centralized Buddhist monastery Erdene-Zuu are located. Overnight in a tourist camp on the Orkhon river bank.

Day-5:Khara-Khorum – Khustai Nuruu Nature Reserve (290 km distance)
After breakfast we will tour and visit Mongolia’s ancient capital. Despite only existing for 40 years, Khara-Khorum was the empire’s capital for 32 years. Here we will visit Erdene-Zuu monastery, built atop the ancient capital’s ruins. From here, a forgotten paved road leads us to the Khustai Nuruu Nature Reserve where the reintroduced Prezwalky wild horse roams it native land again. Overnight in tourist camp at the Khustai Nuruu entrance.

Day-6:Khustai Nuruu Nature Reserve – Ulaanbaatar (82 km distance)
The day begins with a visit to the reserve to see the horses. The animals are fairly tame and are not scared off by us driving into the park, giving us ample opportunity for photos. Before lunch, we will transfer back to Ulaanbaatar and our hotel. We will have a short city tour including Bogd Khan Palace, celebrating Mongolia’s last religious king, and the famous Natural History Museum. There will be time for shopping if you desire. In the evening we will have a farewell dinner a local restaurant, reminiscing about all we have seen and experienced. The restaurant will provide traditional Mongolia folk music for our entertainment. Overnight in a 3-star hotel.

Day-7: Depart from Mongolia


Tour information

Start/end: Starts from the capital of Mongolia and back.
Code: ORT-126
Distance: 1430 km
Duration: 6 nights 7 days
Date: From May -till November . We can regulate defending on your time frame .
Tour style: nature exploring- adventure based on jeeps
Transports: One way flight + by Japanese Toyota Landcruiser or Russian military jeep.
Equipments:If need for you we can arrange satellite phone just for incase.
Our all vehicles equipped with radios
Accommodations: 5 nights in tourist camp 1 night in Hotel of Ulaanbaatar .

Cost by Toyota Landcruiser:
  • 1px » 1600 USD p/p
  • 2px » 1300 USD p/p
  • 3-5px » 1150 USD p/p
  • 6-9px » 1100 USD p/p
  • 10-12px » 980 USD p/p


  • Japanese Toyota Landcruiser or Russian military jeep including driver and gas
  • Guiding and interpreting service
    radios between vehicles and a satellite phone for in case.
  • All food and meals and hot shower every night
  • Entrance fees as described in the itinerary
  • Lodging in tourist camps for 5 nights , a night stay three star hotel in Ulaanbaatar..
  • Invitation for tourist


  • International air fares
  • Passport and visa costs
  • Medical and trip insurance
  • Airport taxes, excess baggage charges, evacuation costs
  • Laundry
  • Telephone calls
  • Alcohol


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