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Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert

The Mongolian Gobi is a place of diverse environments. It is not a single zone but several, in fact there are more than 33 different types of Gobi in Mongolia. The thorn scrub semi-desert and arid, sandy desert make up only three percent of the Gobi's character. It sprawls across the southern part of the country covering the provinces of East Gobi, Middle Gobi, South Gobi and Gobi Altai, all sharing the name of Gobi. Of these four Gobi, the South Gobi is the largest and lies within South Gobi  province.

The Gobi contains many unique types of flora and fauna including numerous rare and unusual animal species, for example; mountain sheep (argali), ibex, snow leopard, lynx, wild ass (khulan), gazelles, saiga,  khavtgai (wild camel, ancestor of the Bactrian camel), mazaalai (gobi bear), fox, wolf and steppe fox. It is also home to several distinct trees and plants adapted to the extremes of the Gobi like; shrub , tamarisk, red trees and wild thyme to name but a few. Flora and fauna are not the only treasures the vast Gobi holds. The Gobi is rich in minerals. Over time and the interplay of light and structure, precious gems and jewels are formed. The resulting transformations found beneath the surface of the Gobi include turquoise, jasper, agate and crystal.

The Gobi also draws packs of paleontologists and archaeologists who love nothing better than to dig around in the desert in search of buried bones and remnants of cultures long past. This vast desert is a veritable dinosaur graveyard, with some fossilized remains lying only inches from the surface. In the 1920s and 30's a caravan of scientists from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City journeyed into the unknown heart of Mongolia’s Gobi desert on five expeditions. They endured dust storms, breakdowns, skirmishes with bandits and returned with a bounty of mammal and dinosaur fossils including dinosaur eggs. The scientists, were led by Roy Chapman Andrews, the man credited with inspiring the Indiana Jones character. His autobiography, Under a Lucky Star, brings the Gobi to life through western eyes and provides an interesting read before planning your own expedition into the great Gobi. If a dinosaur femur gets your juices flowing or if you're a lover of history, horses, open spaces and spectacular scenery, the country they call the 'big sky land' is the place to go.

TOUR PROFILES : The uniqueness of our tours is that they are designed by outdoor enthusiasts for people who love adventure. They can be challenging and exhilarating. Our aim is to help you discover a Mongolia off the beaten path. Smaller groups offer more intimacy with the environment and a travel experience that can be customized to fit your needs and special interests.

GO GOBI/ JEEP TOURS OF THE VAST GOBI DESERT : - Most likely you'll experience days without seeing a single soul or the evidence that someone has traveled this route before you.
  • You'll be driving through desert areas with expansive vistas, see massive sand dunes, unique flora and fauna, unusual rock formations and little to no trace of human settlement.
  • You'll observe herds of grazing antelope, a wide variety of birds and groups of wild camels and donkeys,
  • You'll see many areas where dinosaur fossils and eggs might be found. Protoceratops, Tarbosaurus and Tyrannosaurus Rex wandered in the south Gobi some 30 million years ago.

- Note* water is scarce in the Gobi. There will be very few water points.
You will get to know the real Gobi and you will bring back an array of unforgettable memories. Discover for yourself this extreme arid environment in the remote regions of Mongolia.

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