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Fishing tour

Mongolia Fishing Tours - A Catch of a Lifetime

Mongolia is a unique fly-fishing destination: a land of rolling steppes, rugged mountains, verdant forest, and pristine rivers.   Hardy nomads continue a traditional way of life living in “Ger”and moving their herds to new pasture with the seasons.  Wild rivers teem with fish: Grayling, Lenok Trout, and the legendary Taimen of Mongolia.


If you are interested in experiencing the great Mongolian  wilderness, then check out our guided fly fishing tour.  Once you have been fully outfitted, your guide will take you to his favorite fishing spot located in  remote  river valley.  You can fish for huge taimen “river wolf” , trout, grayling fish and different varieties of pike. .  Great photographic opportunities are afforded by the beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. Your tour will be tailored to your fishing ability.  Lots of fun for the experienced or novice fisherman!
Escape to the great Mongolian outdoors for your choice of outstanding  fly-fishing or spin-casting!  Beginners and experts alike will be amazed at the exceptional fishing found at rapid stream  Chuluut  river -canyon and Onon river which is heading to Pacific ocean.
Once you have been fully outfitted, your guide will take you to his favorite fishing spots.  .  Your  guide will tailor his assistance to meet your needs, whether you are an experienced fisherman, or a first-time learner.
 No matter your past fishing experience, you will never forget your time in this isolated, beautiful piece of the Great Mongolian Wilderness

Mongolian rivers and fish .

Mongolia is one of the world's great remaining freshwater fisheries. Asia's continental watershed runs through Mongolia, splitting the country's more than 4000 rivers. Our crystal clear rivers host a number of sport fish including the Taimen, the world biggest salmonid. Taimen  can  reach 30 kilos. Other target species include the Lenok, Grayling, Pike, Sturgeon and Asian water fish.
The most wide spread local fish species is the Lenok (or Siberian trout). According to locality, it can reach up to 80 cm of length and 4 to 5 kilos of weight. A wonderfully colored, pugnacious fish, it can be handled with all types of bait, streamers offering the most attractive option. Local specimens of the Grayling, normally reach 40 cm of length and being remarkably plentiful, represent a highly distinctive feature of most of Mongolia's rivers. Other species suitable for angling include the Pike, reaching locally up to 130 cm and averaging around one rneter on catching: the Burbot (specimens measuring over one meter have been caught); the perch; the sockeye; the omul and the Amur region, the Amur Pike, the Uskuch Trout, which can reach up to 80 crn; and the Mongol variety of the Silver Salmon.
More than 4000 rivers and more than 30 lakes of Mongolia are distributed into 3 basic water drainage basins.
  • Central Asian Close Drainage Basin (with 10 kinds of fish)
  • Arctic Drainage Basin (22 kinds of fish)
  • Pacific Drainage Basin (43 kinds of fish)

Mongolia is home to the world's largest surviving salmonid, the Taimen - Hucho hucho Taimen. Taimen are known to the Mongolians as the "River Wolf". They are an exceptionally ferocious predator which feeds on ducks, prairie dogs, mice, and fish.

Target Species in Mongolian rivers.
Taimen : Salmonidae (Salmonids).
Range: North-Central Asia (Mongolia and Siberia).
Natural Habitat: Rivers and lakes. Prefers large, flowing, shallow, cold rivers with deep pools.
Size and weight: Up to 200 pounds (90kg) and 7 feet (2.1m) long. Commonly over 20 pounds (9.5kg).
feeding: Rodents, lemmings, mammals, birds, mice, smaller fish.
Tackle :Fishing: Best results with simple mouse patterns and very large hooks. streamer flies, surface and swimming lures and plugs, spoons and spinners. Also ink-tips and sinking lines works well.
Others: The Taimen, the world’s largest salmonid, is a relativley unknown fish in the western hemisphere. It is a hard-fighting and a ferocious predator that will eat everything they can fit in their mouth. Spawns in May.

Lenok Trout/Brachymistax lenok/
Family: Salmonidae (Salmonids).
Range: North-Central Asia (Mongolia and Siberia).
Habitat: Rivers and lakes. Prefers large, flowing, shallow, cold rivers.
Size and weight: Up to 40 inches long. Commonly between 16 to 25 inches
Food: Insects (aquatic and terrestrial), caddis, mayflies, mice, small fish.
Fishing: Lighter fly rods, mice patterns, streamers, dry flies, hoppers, floating lures.

Grayling /Thymallus brevireoasstris and thymallus arcticus /
Grayling  is another fish from the Salmonids family. There are plentiful in Mongolia’s waters and there are in fact three sub-species here, depending in which of the 3 Mongolian draining system the Grayling is found. The largest of the graylings in terms of length is the Arctic grayling (T. arcticus arcticus) at a maximum length of 76 cm (30 inch) and a maximum weight of 3.8 kg (8.4 lb); other subspecies of the Grayling are typically half this length or less.

Amur Pike. /Esox reicherti/
Range: Europe, Asia.
Habitat: Prefers cold, well oxygenated waters with submerged rocks, gravelly, banks and overhanging vegetation. Spawn in the rivers.
Size and weight: Up to 100 pounds (45kg) and 4.5 feet (1.4m) long. Commonly in Mongolia over 2 to 10 pounds.
feeding: Insects (aquatic and terrestrial), mollusks, small fish.
Tackle: Dry flies, hoppers, caddis, attractor dries.
When to go fishing in Mongolia
Fishing season:  July, October, September ,October.

Taimen fishing is open from early July  through the end of October. The best time is typically from mid-August until the end of September. The weather in Mongolia can be extreme.In late August and early September,  often hot in the day but quite cold at night. Bring warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag.
Spring season: for a couple of weeks after spawning the taimen are hungry and aggressive; standby for some spectacular surface action.
Fall Season : as the temperatures fall the action turns on as the taimen fatten up for the winter.
Our recommendation  with the season :Almost certainly, Mongolia  fishing belongs to a very tight window. The rivers will almost definitely be frozen till May and the summers can be wet. This means, rather like taimen and trout fishing, you’re looking at the very late summer and autumn for the best of the sport. Leave it too late, however, and you expose yourself to the full fury of the Mongolian winter. If you will  to pick a month it would probably be September is best  time frame.

Tackle Required
General Salmon Spinning gear and Fly 10’ 8 weight rods with a mix of lines and some serious mouse pattern surface lures are a must big lures for big fish.
All of our fish were caught on baits in natural colors; the best single lure was a Heavy Duty 6 inch Bomber Long A in the rainbow trout pattern. We also caught fish on a Husky Pikie in silver flash, Rapala wobblers in silver, and mice imitations. For lenok and grayling, a 3 or 5 weight fly rod
with a floating line would be ideal.

Fishing Permission and Licensing in Mongolia
Foreigners traveling to Mongolia can not just pitch up and go fishing. All foreign fisherman needs a fishing permit. Permits are obtained from national park administration offices or from the Mongolian Ministry of Nature and Environment. As getting permits is a time consuming duty, we will arrange all your fishing permits before you arrive in Mongolia.

Only Catch and release :
Night Fishing: Fishing at nights is a real challenge for fishermen.. You will surely like the new amazing experience of the fishing at nights for Taimen and other fish  trout.

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