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Jeep tours

Chingis Khan\'s trail tour for 6 days by jeep

Route: Ulaanbaatar-Undurkhaan-Khentii-Ulaanbaatar.

Eastern Mongolia is an area which bore witness to the Great Chingis Khan’s history – his birthplace and all the main events that were described in the Secret History of the Mongols. From this area, the Great Khaan started his career and laid the foundation of an empire that conquered half of the known world. Still known as the golden era of Mongolian history, during this time the Mongol Empire was the most powerful nation on Earth. Chingis Khan was a great military general, statesman and Mongolian national hero. At the time of Chingis Khan's birth the nomads of the eastern steppes lived in a feudal society. Each tribe was led by its khan, and were divided into clans which formed an ordu, the Mongol word for a camp (and source of the English word horde). Within the ordu each family lived in a ger , a tent made of felt stretched over a wooden frame, and even for the rich families, life was often frugal: at the end of winter when the preservation of the herds was of paramount importance they would travel for several days without eating in search of fresh pasture and game. For the many poor, life was always squalid. The men of the clan spent their time hunting, tending their herds and fighting: a man's survival may have depended on his ability as a horseman and an archer, but his success depended on his strength as a warrior and his cunning as a bandit. Since the easiest way to acquire more horses and cattle was to steal them and the simplest way to look after them was to have it done for you by slaves, the nomad clans were constantly raiding each other. But the objectives of these raids was sometimes even more than the capture of animals and able-bodied men: the nomad warriors were polygamous and tradition forbade them to marry within their own clan.


Day-1: Arrival in Ulaanbaatar. Check-in the hotel and take a city tour with a visit to the Bogd Khan Palace museum and the Mongolian Natural History Museum, followed by dinner at a restaurant with the opportunity to sample Mongolian national cuisine and listen to a traditional folk music performance.(L,D)

Day-2: Ulaanbaatar – Chinggis  Khuduu Aral.

We will head to the area where Temujin (the Great Khaan’s original name) spent his childhood. On the way we will cross the Kherlen River which originates from the Khentii Mountain range and flows into the Dalai Lake into China. We will stop at the monument which was especially built to commemorate the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the Secret History of the Mongols. This epic historical account of the rise of the Mongol nation was penned here. We will stay overnight in tents on the banks of the river.

Day-3: Khuduu Aral – Baldan Bereeven monastery.

Today we will set off north, through a vast valley with hundreds of grazing white-tailed gazelles. We will take a stop at several ancient burial places which include the five Deer Stone monuments of the Dund Jargalant river valley. We will stay overnight at the “Baldan breeven” monastery, hidden behind the rugged mountain.

Day-4: Baldan Bereeven monastery – Khukh lake.

In the morning, we will visit the Baldan Bereeven monastery that was first established in 1784 by Daichin Jonon knight, Gombojav. Our next stop will be at the Khangal lake nestled in the southern flank of the Khentii Mountain Range. Before nightfall, we will arrive at the Khuk Lake. Some scientists consider the Khukh Nuur (“Blue Lake”) as the place where Temuujin was inaugurated as Chinggis Khaan. We will stay overnight in the tourist camp as well have the opportunity to hike around the lake.

Day-5: Khukh Nuur-Ulaanbaatar

Today will feature horseback riding and a visit to a local nomadic family. There will be the opportunity to become familiar with their lifestyle, including tasting airag – fermented mare’s milk – a Mongolian specialty. A spectacular tourist complex that represents the lifestyle of ancient nomadic Mongols in the 13th century will be a exhilarating finale to our trip.
Before the farewell dinner, there will be a quick shopping tour including Mongolian national souvenir stores and cashmere garments shops.( B,L,D)

Day-6: On this final morning, you will be taken to the airport for your departure home (or go onto your next destination), heartened by the memories of your time in Mongolia. (B,)


Tour information

Start/end: Start from the capital of Mongolia and back. 
Distance: 670km
Duration: 5nighs/6 days
Date: From June-till September. We can arrange defending on your time frame .
Tour style: camping activities in some places of historical events.
Transports: By Japanese Toyota Landcruiser or Russian military jeep.
Accommodations: :***** star hotel in Ulaanbaatar. Stay in Ger tourist camps during the overland trip, good quality tents specially against strong wind.
Equipments: If need for you we can arrange satellite  phone just for incase.
Tents, cooking equipments, mattress  ,sleeping bag.
Groupe size: from 2 up to 12 tourist

Cost by Russian jeeps
  • 1px - 1311$ per/person
  • 2-px - 900$ p/p
  • 3px - 800$  p/p
  • 4-6px - 750$  p/p
  • 7-12px - 690$  p/p
Cost by Toyota Landcruiser:
  • 1px - 1580$ p/p
  • 2px - 1038$ p/p
  • 3px - 899$ p/p
  • 4-8px - 938$ p/p
  • 9-12px - 850$ p/p

  • Chinggis Khaan’s birthplace
  • Tourist complex presenting real lifestyle, traditions, customs of the ancient nomadic Mongols.
  • The Baldan Bereeven monastery
  • Khukh Nuur lake – inauguration place to the Great Khaan of all Mongols.
  • Khan Khentei Natural Reserve.
  • Horse back riding.


  • Japanese Toyota Landcruiser or Russian military jeep including driver and gas
  • Lodging in hotel 2night in UB and countryside tourist “Ger”camps
  • Guiding and interpreting service
  • All camping equipments as , gas stove, cooking stuff. radios between vehicles and a satellite phone just for in case.
  • All food and meals and water.
  • National park and cultural sight fees
  • Entrance fees as described in the itinerary
  • Lodging hotels and tourist camps. five star hotel in city for 2 nights.
  • A interpreter-guide.
  • Disinfected sleeping bags and inflatable mattress and tents.
  • Invitation for tourist


  • International air fares
  • Passport and visa costs
  • Medical and trip insurance
  • Airport taxes, excess baggage charges, evacuation costs
  • Laundry
  • Telephone calls


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