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Mongolian Museums

The National Museum of Mongolian History- prehistoric, historic and ethnographic section (includes some complete dinosaurs skeleton and eggs excavated in the Gobi desert), nature and mineralogical section.

The Museum of Natural History - historical and ethnological exhibits. Opposite of the National Museum of Mongolian history.

The Zanabazar Museum of Fine Art - exhibits a great collection of paintings and sculptures, among which are some rare religious items such as tangkas and Buddhist statues. Modern paintings and other art for sale.

The Natsagdorj Museum celebrates Mongolia's most famous poet and playwright, Dashdojiin Natsagdorj, who was an ardent nationalist. The museum is said to be built on the exact site where Natsagdorj lived. It's between the Monastery - Museum of Choijin Lama and the northern entrance of Nairamdal Park, but was closed at the time of research for remodelling.

The Victims of Political Persecution Memorial Museum. This new museum consists of a series of haunting displays chronicling the bloody communist purges of the 1930s - an aggressive campaign to eliminate ecounter - revolutionaries. During the campaign, intellectuals were arrested and put on trial, sent to Siberian labour camps or shot. Mongolia lost top writers, scientists and thinkers. The museum was inspired by the former prime minister P. Genden, who was executed in Moscow by the KGB in 1937 for refusing Stalin's orders to carry out the purge. The museum is now run by his daughter. The walls of the ground floor carry the names of 20,000 souls. A yellow dot by the name signifies that the deceased was a monk, red means a communist, and blue means a civilian.

The Ulaanbaatar City Museum is the green Russian-style building next to the Wrestling Palace. It has a few interesting black-and-white photos of early Ulaanbaator and an old map of the original ger settlement, though not much else. It's open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Hunting Museum.
If killing innocent animals is your thing, visit the Hunting Museum, on the street leading to Gandan Khiid.

The Railway Museum
, near the International Railway Ticketing Office, may satisfy train buffs. Other train-spotting options include the old engines parked in front of the Jiguur Grand Hotel.

The Mongolian Military Museum
is at the eastern end of Peace Ave - you'll need to take a taxi to find it.

The Theatre Museum
was founded in 1991 on International Day of Theatre. It is one of the vocational museums that show the development of theatre in Mongolia. Photographs and biographies of those who stood at the inception of theatre in Mongolia, historic documents, books and scripts are displayed for visitors. The Theatre Museum is worth-while if you're interested in the dramatic arts - the collection of puppets is wonderful. The museum is on the 3rd floor of the Palace of Culture (it's entrance is on the northern side of building), open daily except Monday and Tuesday.

The Intellectual Museum
, also known as the Mongolian Toy Museum, on the 3rd floor, 44A Baga Toiruu, has a collection of puzzles and games made by local artists.

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