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Khuvsgul Province

Khuvsgul aimag has at its jewel the vast lake of Khuvsgul Nuur, one of the World’s largest lakes, big enough to the regarded as an inland sea-yet of pure water.

Khuvsgul Aimag has an area of 100,600 square kilometers, and an estimated population of 120,900 inhabitants, the administrative center is the town of Moron, situated in the Valley of Delger River, at an altitude of 1,283 meters above sea level and 671 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar.

Ruins of Uigur trading center
The Biibulag ruins were a trade center of the Uigur people in the 9th and 10th Century. Later, Mongolians built a monastery inside the wall, so it is called Biibulag soum.

Rocky mountain
The mountain of Khundlun Ikh Uul is on the way to Murun, east of the center of Ikh Uul Soum. The mountain extends for 10 kilometers. It is interesting to observe layers of rock on the peak appearing at the surface. The deposit is composed of 4 of 5 layers. The sheer slope reaches about 20 meters in height.

Deer stone of Bronze Age
A deer-decorated stone of the Bronze Age (3,000 -1,000 years ago) is on the Ider River and over 30 deer-decorated stones and carved rocks in Khuvsgul Aimag. There is a spring, Altan Ulias.

Extinct volcano
Uran Dush is an extinct volcano which lies on the peak of the Erchim Range, to the south of the Tsagaan Burgas pass on the road to Shine Ider Soum. Its elevation is 2,471 meters above sea level.

Lakeside mountain and waterfall
Khoridol Saridag Uul is a large mountain located on the western side of the clear waters of the lake of Khuvsgul Nuur. The mountain is composed mainly of limestone, and much of the mountain is covered with forests. Its peak reaches 3,200 meters above sea level.
Elk, Reindeer, Argali and Siberian Ibex live here. Osprey, White-tailed Eagle and other rare birds have been recorded. The waterfall on the Arsain river is the highest waterfall in Mongolia.

Reindeer people
Darkhads live on this area and on high ground you have an opportunity to meet the customs of local people and to travel by horse or by reindeer to the reindeer breeders. Some wolves are in Khaliu Mountain and growing rare plant “Vansembruu”

Khuvsgul National Park
The National Park covers 8,381 square kilometers including the lake of Khuvsgul Nuur and its watershed, the Nuur river basin, and parts of Zuni Saran Mountain. Ti has been protected since 1992.
Here are special plants such as Adorns sibirica, Yellow Marsh Saxifrage, Valeriana officinalis and Saussurea involucrate in the forests.

Lake of Khuvsgul Nuur
This huge deep lake is situated on the north edge of Mongolia, and it covers an area of 2,612 square kilometers. It is a large lake, extending 134 kilometers north south and 39 kilometers east west. Dominating the western shore of the lake is Khoridol Saridag Mountain, which attains an altitude of 1,624 meters above sea level, just west of the National Park boundary. 96 rivers and streams feed into the lake of Khuvsgul Nuur and the Egiin river exits from it, draining into the Orkhon River and so to Lake Baikal in the Russian Federation. Khuvsgul Nuur is the deepest lake in Central Asia, with a maximum depth of 262 meters. Its water is crystal clear and fresh. The reflections of larch forests and Majestic Mountains in the lake water are amazing.
Plenty of fish are found in the lake such as Baikal Omul, Lenok, Umber, Siberian Graying and River Perch.

Cave in limestone
Dayan Deerkhi Agui is in a mountain composed of limestone and schist of Mesozoic age, and the second floor is 24 meters. It is wonderful to observe thin and hanging down from the roof, plus a great number of hotels and dents formed as a result weathering.

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