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Khentii Province

Khentii Aimag is a region of great natural beauty, yet only a day’s drive from the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. The aimag takes its name from the Khentii mountain range, which dominated the northwestern part of the region. Khentii aimag covers 80,300 square kilometers, and has a population of 71,000 inhabitants. The administrative center is the town of Undur Khaan on the bank of the Kherlen River, 1,027 meters above sea level, and 331 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar.
Khentii aimag is rich in historical places connected with Chinggis Khaan.

Monument of Orkhon State
The Toniukuk Monument was erected by “Toniukuk the Wise” in 774 AD. He was minister of the Orkhon Turkic State (6th to 8th century). The inscription records how the Turkic State won independence from the Tabgoch State, regaining its prosperity, about Turkic military victories against other state, about Toniukuk’s own exploits and he came to erect the monument in his old age. It has been enjoyed state protection since 1961.

Kherlen river
The Kherlen is one of the three famous river which rises in the Khentii mountain Range, and it flows for 1,264 kilometers to drain into the lake of Dalai Nuur in China.
Amur Carfish, Umber, Taimen, Lenok, Amur Chub, Mirror Carp, Golden Carp, Amur Ide, Pike, Barbel, Spotted Skin Carp and Burbot are all native species of fish in the waters of the river Kherlen. Geese, Dunk and other birds are found here.

Palace of Chinggis Khan
Khuduu Aral is a plain about 30 kilometers long and 20 kilometers wide on the meander of the Kherlen River, west of the Kherlen Toono, and south of the mountain of Kherlen Bayan Uul, at an altitude of 1,300 meters above sea level.
The site of Ikh Aurag (palace) of Chinggis Khan is on this plain. This site is closely connected with the historical work “The Secret history of the Mongols” because it was finished historic monument was erected here in 1990. Here are places such as Doloon Boldog and Shilkhentseg, mentioned in “The Secret history of the Mongols”

Birthplace of Chinggis Khan
It is considered that a hill, at an altitude of 1,231 meters above sea level and located northwest of the center of Binder Soum, is the place where Chinggis Khan was born.

Onon river
The Onon River rises on the northern slope of the Khentii Khan Mountain Range and flows 808 kilometers to join the Shilka river in the Russian Federation. For its first 445 kilometers the Onon River flows through Mongolia. The Onon River abounds in fish, for instance Sturgeon, Taimen, Lenok, Amur Chud, Barbel, Amur Pike, Khadary, Amur Grailing, Amur Ide, Amur Catfish, Golden Carp, and Burbot. In the valley of the Onon river are found White-naped Crane, Swan Goose, and other rare birds.

Khukh Lake of Kharzurkh
It was mentioned that Temuujin moved to in the Khukh Lake of Kharzurkh of Sengur, which exists Khurelkh. It connected lakes situated at the intersection of the north latitude 48o01’ and the east longitude 108o56’ in Udeg river basin and the front side of mountain of Kharzurkh.

Bereeven khiid
This monastery is located on the south slope of the Delgerkhaan Uul and 10 km from Khangal nuur on the northeast. The God “Manzshir” with 3 meters wide was crafted on the steep and reddish, granite stone is to the south east of the monastery. The monastery was made of granite stone in 1777.

Rashaant Khad
This rock is located near the east of Binder Ovoo, with height of over 10 meters. The ancient tomb (BC 20000 ago) lies near this rock and many monuments Paleolithic Neolithic Hun, etc are found from here. It is very strange for tourists having about 20 inscriptions on it. Kh. Perlee announced these inscriptions in 1961. The rock has being protected by state since 1998.

Uglugchiin Kherem
The wall was made of red granite stone and has height and width of 2 meters and lingth of over 1 km, which lies 12km to the west of Binder ovoo. Say that the wall was built during the period of Kidan state. However it broke down, it is known remain of the wall.

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